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Pilates for Functional Movement

Mindset for Conscious Living

Rebellious Studio Welcomes You

  • Seeking quality comprehensive mind-body, self-care programs which will enhance your well-being?
  • Athletic & looking to improve your performance & prevent injuries?
  • Recovering from an injury or dealing with chronic pain?
  • Want to enjoy active aging?
  • Seeking escape from chronic stress?
  • Feel stuck and unsure what to do next?
  • Willing to slow down and show up with consistency?

A Holistic Experience - Lifestyle & Active Living


Enhance Performance

A healthy muscle exhibits strength, flexibility, endurance and control. Achieve a balanced, toned, inner-connected body. Improve posture. Make movement smoother & more powerful.

Relieve Pain

Tight, weak muscles are a predisposition for misalignment & injury. Moving with intent & in alignment helps balance the body thus naturally reducing aches & pains. 

Restore Vital Energy

The body is a reflection of your physical, mental and emotional state. Ground yourself. Clear the mind. Be present in the now. Heal through movement & awareness.

Awaken Awareness

Peek behind the curtains. Meet your inner world. Gain invaluable insight into your beliefs, thoughts and behaviors. Connect to your intuition

Reduce Stress

Move & live with awareness & intention. Quiet your mind, body & spirit. Learn to let go. Learn to tune in. Disconnect to reconnect. 

Boost Focus & Productivity

Intentional movement & mindfulness quiet the mind. This helps your disconnect from the vicious cycle of life. Improved concentration is a powerful result. 

Expert Mentorship

30 years fitness, 9 years Pilates experience, personal life transformation, many client success stories. Here to support you on your journey!

Proven Plan

Take the guesswork out. Leverage a proven plan. Show up with consistency to uncover your authentic self along with a strong, toned body.

In-Person or Online

In-person or online. Live or recorded videos. Flexible options customized to fit your lifestyle & budget.

"Maria had noticed almost immediately when I first walked into her studio, an unbalance to some of my movements. I thought that was just how my body was now. She was able to help educate me on why my body was doing the things it was and how we could start to train and fix it. Classes will kick your butt! A full body engagement nothing like any of my days at the gym."

Juan J
Sales Consultant

"Maria's approach to teaching Pilates is definitely not a "pop-Pilates" style. She invests time in explaining the mechanics of every move and builds up from there. I love the holistic approach she takes in her teaching where she combines physical, emotional, and medicinal power of Pilates. She is simply the best!"

Janetta B
Assistant Professor


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2/5/2022 - 2/11/2022, Acapulco, Mexico

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