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Sara G.

I think it's a great (The Mind-Body) program, and I love that you cover both mental and physical aspects. 

Lara K.

Your work (The Mind-Body Program) is helping me get through the clutter of my mind. ... I appreciate your openness and genuine spirit.

Iliana D.

As her name suggests, Maria Angelova is a Godsend gift! A truly enlightened person, who can help us all discover our true selves and show us how to lead more authentic and fulfilling lives. In our fast paced daily routine, often we forget that sometimes we just need to slow down, take a break and breathe. We underestimate the importance of taking care of ourselves so much that we don't even know how to do it any more. Maria is an inspiring guide to reconnecting with our selves and achieving mind-body-spirit coherence. I strongly recommend all of her services or even just hanging out with her!

Lynn J. 

In addition to improving my strength & flexibility, Pilates has benefited my self confidence, health and overall happiness. As an added bonus, I’ve been able to eliminate much of the stress and anxiety I’ve carried around with me for years. I’ve been taking Maria’s Pilates classes for nearly two years. Her enthusiasm and energy are infectious. No matter what sort of stress or pressure I feel upon arrival, it always disappears within the first few minutes of the workout. I leave class refreshed, energized and feeling like I’ve done something positive and special just for me!

Janetta B.

Maria's approach to teaching Pilates is definitely not a "pop-Pilates" style. She invests time in explaining the mechanics of every move and builds up from there. I love the holistic approach she takes in her teaching where she combines physical, emotional, and medicinal power of Pilates. She is simply the best!

Martin B. 

Maria’s perspective on fitness is very different than industry standards. Maria teaches you to listen to your body and respect it. Her goal is to make you feel stronger, empowered but also to look forward to your workouts as body and mind therapy.

Juan J. 

Classes will kick your butt! Full-body engagement nothing like any of my days at the gym. Small movements with big results!!! Maria helps teach you how to do the movements the right and safe way. Full body engagement. No shortcuts. After just three classes, I was able to notice a change in my posture and improved movements (I have multiple sports injuries). I would highly recommend any form of class with Maria. All the love she feels for the work she does is definitely shared with her clients and you can't help but fall in love with Pilates too.

Ariana B. 

Pilates has transformed my body. I used to be a cardio junkie and have always had to be careful with weights because I bulk up naturally. Pilates has made me stronger and leaner. Mentally, a session of Pilates quiets my mind. It requires such focus that I have to forget the daily to-do list and focus on my body, my breath. Pilates helps me run faster and with better form. Because of Pilates, I am stronger in my late 30’s than I was in my 20’s.

Maira R. 

My physical and mental awareness has shot through the roof. It is shocking how blissfully unaware I was going through the motion. (The Mind-Body Program)


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Pilates with a Purpose Maria Angelova
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Pilates with a Purpose

Heart Expansion Winter Retreat Piedmont Healthcare sponsored by The Women’s Heart Program.


“I thought it was great. The class structure was great, the content was great, the instructor was great, the food was great... all of it. Thank you so much for providing this wonderful opportunity!"

"The Pilates with a Purpose event was well-planned and outstanding. I enjoyed the instructor Maria Angelova who successful led the participants though the various activities with a focus on physical and mental restoration. I would love to attend another session like this led by Maria."

"I had a wonderful time at this event. It was informative and I learned some new things about myself."

"I really enjoyed this event. Maria is a knowledgeable instructor, and I felt safe trying something new while in her care. All in all, this was a great event, and I plan to attend more!"

"I had a wonderful time. It was challenging, enlightening and an overall wonderful experience."

"This was a great event - excellent facilitator and a beautiful space to hold the event."

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