The Mind-Body Program

When was the last time you felt good? 


A live online group program aimed to increase physical and mental awareness. 


Gain a strong, flexible body. Quiet the mind. Learn more about your beliefs which hold you back from living the life you want. 

Want to See Samples of The Mind-Body Program?

Check out snippets of the body & mind sessions. 

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Is The Mind-Body Program Right for Me? 


Are you in physical or mental pain?

Is your body achy, stiff or constipated? 

Do you feel anxious or stressed?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Do you have difficulty experiencing joy daily? 

Are you carrying extra weight that just won't go away?

Are you constantly looking for the next supplement or magic pill to change your life?

Do you spend time mindlessly browsing social media?

Are you in meaningless relationships? 

Do you experience digestive issues? 

Do you have issues with control or perfectionism?


If you answered 'yes' to more than one question, you will likely benefit from this program.


Not sure? No problem - schedule a complimentary consult to evaluate if this program is right for you. 


Yes, let's talk please

What Type of Benefits Should I Expect from the Program?


You will get what you put in - the program requires much intent, and intent will make all the difference. 


Potential Benefits:

Greater body & mind awareness

Stronger & more flexible, toned body

Better muscle control

Reduced aches & pains

Appreciating & loving your body

Stronger core

Calmer mind

Reduced stress level

Deeper understanding of your beliefs, triggers and responses

More action towards creating the life you want


*2x/ week - intentional movement online group sessions

* Join live or follow the recording at your own time

* BONUS - 4x/ week - 5 AM movement classes

* Movement Schedule, EST:

Monday - 9 am, Pilates * Tuesday - 5 am, Strength * Wednesday - 5 am, Pilates * Thursday - 5 am, Strength * Thursday - 6:30 pm, Pilates * Friday - 5 am, Fusion


*1x/ week - mindset online group session/ discussion

* Join live or tune in/ do the work at your own time

* Mon @ 8:30 PM EST

* If you are not living the life you dream of, there are beliefs holding you back. Raise your awareness around these beliefs, find your truth, change your life.

Regular Price



  • 6 live movement options/ week
  • 1 live mindset session/ week
  • Text/ call support
  • Recordings of sessions available for duration of program
  • Option to add hourly VIP coaching
I Am Ready


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