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Burnout is on the rise

The pandemic has left your team exhausted & distracted. Energy is low. Creativity is dulled. Productivity is down. Performance is impacted. Burnout is real. Turnover is increasing in a marketplace competitive for qualified talent. 

Burnout Survey Results
Burnout Survey Pandemic Results
Burnout Survey

Over 52% of surveyed employees are experiencing burnout in 2021 - 43% up from a pre-Covid-19 survey.

Nearly 70% of professionals feel their employers are not doing enough to prevent or alleviate burnout.

21% of employees say their company does not offer any programs or initiatives to prevent or alleviate burnout.

You need a way to re-engage the team, build a positive company culture, and stand out in your industry? 

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✔ Physical & Mental Coaching

✔ Executive Wellness Retreats

✔ Speaking Engagements

✔ Wellness Events

✔ Onsite & online training

✔ Employee or employer-sponsored options

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"The Pilates with a Purpose event was well-planned and outstanding. I enjoyed the instructor, Maria, who successful led the participants though the various activities with a focus on physical and mental restoration. I would love to attend another session like this."

"The class structure was great, the content was great, the instructor was great, the food was great... all of it. Thank you so much for providing this wonderful opportunity!"

"I really enjoyed this event. Maria is a knowledgeable instructor, and I felt safe trying something new while in her care. All in all, this was a great event!"

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I have 17+ years of progressive corporate experience under my belt and understand the struggles of today’s busy life. Based on my personal experience, I have developed a comprehensive program targeting issues such as burnout and many more. I help companies empower their employees while building a strong company culture.

✔ MBA & BBA in Finance

✔ Author

✔ 600-hour Pilates Certification

✔ Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

✔ Effective Body-Mind Coach

✔ Inspirational Speaker 

✔ Superior Customer Support

✔ Successful Entrepreneur

✔ Tremendous Personal Transformation


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"Saturday was awesome! So many nurses said it was their favorite event during Nurses' Week. I really hope we can do this more often throughout the year."

"... Maria is now one of our Advisory Board members at Feel Beautiful Today. Her desire to support our efforts helping cancer patients through sharing her knowledge about toxicity and Pilates has been so vital to our mission."

"Maria is a wealth of knowledge! Her insight is applicable both to our bodies and our lives. I love having her speak at Moms All In events!"

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