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Updates, advice, and ideas on how to improve your lifestyle, reduce stress, and stay positive by Maria - Your Mind & Body Expert

Rebellious Studio Hosts a One-Day Vision Board & Mindfulness Workshop

events self care Dec 12, 2022

 ATLANTA, December 12, 2022 – Rebellious Studio, nominated for the Best Pilates Studios in Sandy Springs, will host its first in-person Vision Board Workshop. The event is for anyone who wants to ground, inner-connect and create a visual for his/ her vision for the upcoming 2023.


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Rebellious Studio is launching its First Program for Pre-Teens and Teens

events self care Dec 12, 2022

ATLANTA, December 12, 2022 – Rebellious Studio is launching its first program, Young Rebels, for pre-teens and teens.

"The Young Rebels Class is inspired by adult clients who constantly ask me how come no one teaches us all this at a young age. My pre-teen daughter and my interactions with...

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