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February 5 - 11, 2022

Co-Hosting with Alquem Retreats

Six incredible days together * Recharging and intentional movement and meditation sessions * Mindset sessions * 30-min healing energy work * Plasma pen facial treatment * Soulful conversations * Pre-Trip Preparation Class * Five-star accommodations, private villa in the exclusive Las Brisas neighborhood * Mouth-watering, gourmet, authentic Mexican cuisine * Tour guide on our day exploring town * Essential oils mocktails class *  Airport pick up and drop off * COVID test (if still required)

 Not included: Airfare * Your transportation on your free time * Shopping * Spa services * Laundry * Personal experiences of your choice (e.g. zip line) * Insurance - personal, medical, trip cancellation

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 ACAPULCO - the sun, the ocean, the views, the taste of classic Hollywood glamor. 

The city offers excellent authentic cuisine, unforgettable sightseeing, the famous Quebrada Cliff-Diving shows -  the city’s most famous tourist attraction - and for the adventurers - Xtasea  - the longest over-water zip line in the world overlooking the picturesque Bay of Puerto Marques.

There are plenty of markets to browse in Acapulco for treasures like silver jewelry, woven blankets, and pottery.

For the art lovers: you will find an exquisite Diego Rivera mural left in Cerro de la Pinzona, the area where the artist lived.

After all, you may not be a star, but in Acapulco, you can live like one for a bit!

LAS BRISAS - or ‘’the white and pink paradise" - an exclusive, beautiful and luxurious, private neighborhood in Acapulco. Each villa is unique and an architectural delight. Cobblestone streets, views, luscious greenery and silence. 

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Your Hosts



The Mind-Body Expert


On a mission to empower people globally to find freedom in their life through movement and mindset awareness.

A #1-release author, 600-hour Certified Pilates Teacher, Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) Practitioner, SpeakerMBA and BBA Finance.

Beyond all, a rebel who ditched societal norms and Corporate Finance to follow her passion for movement and discovered so much more on her transformation path.

Featured on TV sharing the benefits of Pilates for sports performance, NLP Center of Atlanta, Concierge Medicine Today, American Bar Association (ABA) and more.

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The Functional Medicine Doc


Dana Neacsu, MD is trained in both conventional and Integrative/Functional Medicine, an author and an award-winning speaker.

Much of her focus is spent on revitalizing the skin from within. She utilizes a unique combination of treatments including nutrition, energy healing, individualized vitamin protocols based on detailed testing, hormonal balance, ancient medicine techniques like Ayurveda, all the way to modern and powerful Plasma Pen, which you will experience during the retreat.

Dr. Neacsu had the chance to work with TV personalities and beauty pageants contestants. She has been recently honored to serve as a judge for the Georgia Global Continental National Pageants competition.

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You are on-the-go auto repeat. You get up, diligently and brilliantly take care of your responsibilities and everyone around you. It has been like this a while. This is your normal, you are not stressed.

Or ... wait a minute ... are you?

You are exhausted, your spark for life is dulled. Your shoulders and neck are tight. Your back is achy. Your sleep is iffy. Your responsibilities are too much. Your fuel is running low. It is becoming harder to focus and perform.

 Something has to change. You are not sure where to begin ...


That's pretty much me. Contact me.

Here is the perfect opportunity …

Imagine trading your daily existence with living.

Wake up leisurely to silence and calm, to incredible views, the sun rising. 

Begin the day with gentle, intentional movement.

Melt away tightness, rid stagnant energy. 

Quiet your mind with meditation & writing.

Raise your mental awareness through self-discovery.


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Experience healing.

Balance your energy. 

Nothing & no one else to worry about.

An empowering tribe surrounding you.

Luxurious, unique accommodations, comfort. 

Eyes & mind waking up to the possibilities. 

Recharging & energizing your body, mind and soul.

Gourmet, nourishing meals presenting the rich, flavorful Mexican cuisine.

An experience to wake up your zest for life & move you forward toward accomplishing your goals.


Are you ready to COMMIT or will you let your FEARS & EXCUSES stand in your way? 

I am Ready! Let's Talk.


Disconnect from the vicious cycle of life. Leave behind professional and personal obligations, to-do lists. Escape reality. This is your sacred YOU time. Here you are your #1 priority.

Find Your Tribe

Spend quality time with a small group of individuals on the transformation path. Unleash your authentic spirit in a safe space. Arrive as strangers, leave as friends. 

Inner Connect

Find serenity & tranquility. Gift yourself the physical and mental space to tune in and be present in the moment. Connect to your heart. Gain focus, clarity and energy. 



Gain awareness of your alignment & posture. Enjoy the experience of movement with intent and from the core. Find freedom in your body. 

Mentally & Emotionally

Explore your view of the world, the stories you hold on to, your core beliefs and values which drive your actions and result in your life.


Connect to your heart's desires. Shed fears. Gain confidence. Unleash your authenticity & the rebel within. Let your higher self thrive. 

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"Great reset for body and mind. Went back into the real world ready to face it all!"

SD, Sr. Director

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"My body is not as achy and in pain. ...Maria makes sure that your form is right and she cares deeply that you are successful."

RR, TV Talk Show Host


EARLY BIRD SPECIAL until 12/25/21


$3197 - shared room (per person) * $5297 - private room/ couple (king)

50% deposit, non-refundable,  due by 12/25/21

100% payment due by 1/10/22




$3697 - shared room (per person) * $5797 - private room/ couple (king)

100% payment due by 1/10/22




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