Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events
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Disconnect from the vicious cycle of life. Leave behind professional and personal obligations, to-do lists. Escape reality. This is your sacred YOU time. Here you are your #1 priority.

Find Your Tribe

Spend quality time with a small group of individuals on the transformation path. Unleash your authentic spirit in a safe space. Arrive as strangers, leave as friends. 

Inner Connect

Find serenity & tranquility. Gift yourself the physical and mental space to tune in and be present in the moment. Connect to your heart. Gain focus, clarity and energy. 



Gain awareness of your alignment & posture. Enjoy the experience of movement with intent and from the core. Find freedom in your body. 

Mentally & Emotionally

Explore your view of the world, the stories you hold on to, your core beliefs and values which drive your actions and result in your life.


Connect to your heart's desires. Shed fears. Gain confidence. Unleash your authenticity & the rebel within. Let your higher self thrive. 

Upcoming Events

"Great reset for body and mind. Went back into the real world ready to face it all!"

Sharron D, Sr. Director

Yes, let's talk!

Why Escape with Me


* 28 years in the fitness world

* 9 years into Pilates, alignment, body & mind

* Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP)  Practitioner

* BBA & MBA in Finance with honors


More importantly ....

First-hand knowledge of what it takes to transform your life

* 17-year successful career in corporate,

* Left a 6-figure salary and a Finance Director title to pursue my passion, literally starting from zero.

* Trials & tribulations, tears and laughter, ups and down, a ton of personal growth ..... resilience, grounding & self care to hold my hand.

* I FIRST-HAND walk the walk to living a life not defined by society and should's but a life of purpose and fulfillment.

I now invite you to transform your life with me & through physical and mental awareness... all in a serene setting away from the noise of the world.

Once you experience the possibilities, you will never go back to existing on the hamster wheel. Live life from the inside. Thrive!

Practical, vulnerable, open, heart-centered, fun

Take a chance on yourself & jump, my Rebel! I have got your hand! 

Xoxo, M

P.S. Did I mention we have an MD and a Functional Medicine Doctor on board with us? Alquem Retreats

Yes, let's talk!



February 2 - 11, 2022

Co-Hosting with Alquem Retreats

Luxurious Accommodations * Private Villa * Gourmet meals * Intentional movement sessions with meditation * Mindset sessions * Body alignment workshop * Water movement * 30-min Reiki session * Skin analysis * Plasma pen treatment * Outdoor pool * Gorgeous views of Acapulco Bay * COVID test * Airport pick up and drop off


Show Me Pricing

"My body is not as achy and in pain. ...Maria makes sure that your form is right and she cares deeply that you are successful."

Ron R

TV Talk Show Host


EARLY BIRD SPECIAL until 10/31/21


$3497 - shared room (per person) * $5497 - private room/ couple

50% deposit, non-refundable,  due by 10/31/21

100% payment due by 12/15/21




$3997 - shared room (per person) * $5997 - private room/ couple

100% payment due by 12/15/21


Bring a friend, receive $350 credit applied toward your fees

Need Help with Financing? Reach out.

We offer lucrative referral bonus & sponsorship opportunities. Inquire if interested! 

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